Servo Voltage Stabilizer

We offer an extensive variety of Voltage Stabilizer, that uses a progressed electronic servo-engine idea to control a mechanized variable transformer. In light of the mechanization, there is a little postpone in voltage adjustment. These are not influenced unduly by force variable or recurrence variety. This sort of innovation has a tendency to extensive three stage applications. They are likewise ready to withstand expansive inrush flows, ordinarily experienced with inductive burdens. However because of the mechanics of this sort of stabilizer, occasional support is needed.

Features :

  • Look after exactness
  • Line to line/impartial parity
  • Info voltage equalization
  • Burden equalization at any force element

Technical Specifications :

  • Input voltage : 207 V to 480 V
  • Output voltage : 415 V +/- 1 %
  • Output voltage accuracy : ± 1%
  • Input voltage changes up to : ± 50%
  • Cooling : Air cooled & Oil cooled as per customer specifications